Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cash Money

Hi all!
Today I have the beautiful Ivanka by Zoya for you! I cant help but think of money when I see this polish. Partly because it is an amazing shade of green, and partly because the name just makes me think of Ivanka Trump! Anyway, here she is in all her glory! :)

This was 3 coats, although I probably could have gotten away with two. This is one of Zoya's foil-glitters, which I am a big fan of. The particles almost look like a combination of green and gold, but that might just be my eyes playing tricks on me!



  1. I'm considering getting some Zoya polishes but I've heard mixed reviews on the formula. What do you think? They're such a cool company--their spoons are awesome, and plus I want to snag some remover since you recommended it. : )


  2. @Applesaucery
    I actually really like Zoya's formula, and I've gotten some great wear from it! I wore Charla on my toes while I was excavating for about 3 weeks before it had to go. The trick is in your choice of base and top coat. Michelle has a great post on it at all laquered up (coincidentally also on Ivanka!) HERE

    Zoya has great colors, the spoons are a fantastic idea, and their remover is fantastic! :D
    Miss you!!


  3. Love the blog, and your nails look great! If you need a guest blogger when things get crazy, I've recently procured all the new "Pearl" Chanel colors.