Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Unicorn Pee!

Hi All!
Today I have LA Splash, Nail Splash in Embellished for you! The bottom of the bottle actually says "Embellshed" but seeing as that isn't a word, I'm assuming it's a typo.

Often times when a polish fanatic finds a polish that is sparkly, and eye-popping they will call it "Unicorn Pee" and that's exactly what I think of Embellished! My pictures of this polish don't really do it justice. It's a beautiful pink based polish with very fine pink glitter, a little bit of very fine blue glitter, larger pieces of a pale pink/silver glitter, and still larger pieces of holographic glitter. In the sunshine it is stunning! I have a really blurry picture so you can see all the different colors the holographic glitter changes to in the light.

This was two coats of Embellished and two coats of thin topcoat, since it's a fairly chunky. You could probably get away with one coat of a thicker topcoat, like Seche Vite.

See all the colors?! How pretty!!! I'm loving this polish! I've seen LA Splash at Ulta, but I found this on a display at my local Harmon Discount store (which is owned and operated by Bed Bath and Beyond, I believe, so sometimes you can find things in their beauty section). It retails for around $3.99, so it's not a budget buster either!

What do you guys think? I know that it's hard to tell in the pictures, but do you think it's worthy of the "Unicorn Pee" title?



  1. I have never seen the term "unicorn pee" before. Then again, I tend to favor creme finishes. Pastel green ftw!

  2. @Applesaucery

    It's a smidge vulgar, but I think it's funny :)

    That's true! I've realized that I haven't posted any creme polishes yet.. but I have one that I hope to post soon!

  3. That blurry pic is so enchanting!

  4. @Allyson
    I know, right?! It shows all of the colors so well! :D